Elected Officials


Steve Kozachik, Tucson Vice Mayor and City Councilman, Ward 6 (click to read his endorsement)

Jerry Anderson, former Tucson City Councilman, Ward 3 (click to read his endorsement)

Sally Ann Gonzales, Arizona State Senator, LD20 (click to read her endorsement)

Alma Hernandez, Arizona State Representative, LD20




Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 7000

SMART-Transportation Division

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 570

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 104


Local Leaders


Salomón Baldenegro Sr., leader of Tucson's Chicano movement

Ceci Cruz-Baldenegro, founder of El Rio Coalition II

Patrick Valencia McKenna, President of the Barrio Hollywood Neighborhood Association

Bonnie Poulos, community leader



Quotes from Endorsers & Supporters


"I am supporting Miguel Ortega for the Ward 1 city council seat because I have seen his constituent service work during his time as chief of staff in the Ward 3 council office, and I know he gets it...When it comes to defending values and joining forces with constituents Miguel has shown by his actions he will hear you."

- Vice Mayor Steve Kozachik


"Miguel Ortega challenging Santa Cruz for the Council seat brings the kind of commitment and passion that Raul Grijalva has shown for decades. I urge the Tucson Ward One voters to support Ortega and bring back true representation and leadership to the south and west sides."

- Former Tucson City Councilman Jerry Anderson


"I'm proud to endorse Miguel Ortega for City Council Ward 1. Miguel has always been a staunch advocate for our neighborhoods in Ward 1. He is a strong leader who will always put the people first and he has a track record for doing just that. He advocated for clean water on the southside. He helped stop the City's gerrymandering on the westside. He objected to the increase in utility rates that would have financially benefited big corporate utilities like TEP. And he fought for greater access to green spaces throughout our city. We need a council member who will stand firm on the values we all believe in, and who won't back down from a fight when standing up for Ward 1 constituents. Miguel Ortega is that person." 

- Arizona State Senator Sally Ann Gonzales

UPDATE: Read Senator Gonzales's endorsement in the July 28, 2023 edition of the Arizona Daily Star HERE.


"Throughout his campaign, Miguel has been a steadfast champion for Tucson's working-class residents, recognizing the pivotal role that unions play in building strong and prosperous communities. He has pledged to fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, job security for all, and has assured us that the Teamsters will be involved as a partner in these efforts. Miguel Ortega's vision for Ward 1 aligns with our mission to secure economic justice and enhance the quality of life for our members. He is committed to investing in infrastructure, affordable housing, safe workplaces, and sustainable job growth. We have full confidence that Miguel's experience, dedication, and strong work ethic will make him an exceptional advocate for the interests of our members."

- Teamsters Local 104


"I am supporting Miguel Ortega for the Ward 1 City Council seat because he has proven that he cares about the integrity of the barrios, about building up our less advantaged neighbors and organizing residents so that they can have input into the decisions that impact them where they live. He does not belittle those who do not agree with him. Instead, he listens to people, he is open to new ideas and above all, he knows how to get a job done. I have seen none of those qualities in the incumbent who has had three years in office and very little to show for it."

- Bonnie Poulos


"Last year, Council Member Lane Santa Cruz approved TEP's proposal to build an electric substation in flood and erosion zones in Ward 1, which could put at least eight westside neighborhoods at risk of power outages in the event of a flood. As a Certified Floodplain Manager, I and over a dozen other floodplain professionals know this site is dangerous because it has been flooded many times. Unfortunately, Santa Cruz approved the plan without consulting experts. We had a meeting at Ward 1 in March 2023 (long after the approval) to express our safety concerns to Santa Cruz, who did not attend. According to campaign finance reports, two months later, Santa Cruz accepted the maximum legally allowable campaign donation from a TEP vice president. Ward 1 deserves a representative who will listen to experts and prioritize public safety and neighborhood concerns over TEP's profits. Miguel Ortega will listen to all his constituents and has pledged to not take money from TEP, which is why I support his campaign."

- Steve Dolan, Certified Floodplain Manager


"Last election cycle, the Ward One Council office trotted out the Joaquín Murietta Master Plan. Once the election was over, Murietta Park was tossed aside. Another election year, and again, Murietta Park is “discovered.” The disrepair of Murietta Park is disgraceful. The beautiful green space of yesteryear is today a neglected brown space. A tree is growing in the long-shuttered swimming pool! We urge Ward One residents to vote for Miguel Ortega for City Council – he listens to and respects the people whose taxes sustain the city."

- Salomón Baldenegro, leader of Tucson's Chicano movement, & Cecilia Cruz-Baldenegro, founder of the El Rio Coalition II


"I had the pleasure of working with Miguel when he was a Ward 3 council aide. Miguel helped our neighborhood navigate issues with his calm, caring manner. He was always responsive to our questions, willing to help find the answers in a timely manner."

- Jane Evans


"Lane Santa Cruz has suggested that those who opposed the change of annexation at 36th/La Cholla represent a 'loud minority'...Dedicated west-side neighbors collected 476 signatures from our richly diverse neighborhood...[Lane Santa Cruz] disrespects the people who worked long hours to make sure their neighbors’ views were heard. Vote for Miguel Ortega, who respects community neighborhood activism."

- Yvonne Reineke


"Santa Cruz is helping the bigwigs in the community make money at the expense of taxpayers. If she doesn’t know better, or as the $500 donation for Keri Silvyn shows, she does know better, and she doesn’t deserve the vote of the community."

- Matt Somers


"Ward 1 developers have received massive giveaways while residents continually pay more in taxes, utilities, fees and basics. The Caterpillar building received 50 million in incentives while parks and public services are funding starved."

Candace Charvoz Frank


"We were denied the whole process...[Lane Santa Cruz] supported the developer. Please vote for Miguel Ortega."

- Martha Lynne


"Communication between the Ward 1 office and constituents is weak, in my experience...I voted for Lane Santa Cruz once, but in the August Democratic Primary, I will vote for Miguel Ortega."

- Debbie Collazo


"I am supporting Miguel Ortega because we deserve better representation for all residents."

Abreeza Zeeger


"I support Democrat Miguel Ortega, an independent and honest voice to represent the citizens of Ward One at this crucial time in our community's history."

- Roderick McLeod


"Ward 1 deserves a council member who doesn’t divide, but listens. For this reason, I encourage every west and south side voter to vote for (D)Miguel Ortega."

- James Duffy