Source: Nicole Ludden, Arizona Daily Star, June 25th 2023



Source: Steve Dolan, Certified Floodplain Manager, Arizona Daily Star Letter to the Editor, July 7th 2023



Source: Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star, June 27th 2023



"One of many distinctions between me and the current occupant at Ward 1 is that I will ensure that existing environmental requirements are honored by all city residents. As the Arizona Daily Star reported, the 'vast majority' of developers have been 'grossly out of compliance' with the rainwater harvesting ordinance for over three years. Similarly, Tucson's native plant protection law has been 'ignored for at least the past 20 years'. I will make sure that everyone follows the law — including the developers (and campaign donors!). We can’t expect citizens to comply with the rules when the big boys don't."

- One of Miguel's answers from the Ward 1 candidate questionnaire published by the Tucson Mountains Association on June 19th 2023

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Source: John Washington, Arizona Luminaria, July 4th 2023



Source: Curt Prendergast and Caitlin Schmidt, Tucson Agenda, July 5th 2023



Arizona Daily Star: City Election Questionnaire Series




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