Neighborhood Empowerment

I will ensure that neighborhoods always have a seat at the table, and that we have an open, transparent, and responsive local government that serves everyone.

Better Roads, Parks, and Neighborhood Centers for Everyone

A fair share of City resources should go to better roads, parks, neighborhood centers, and other important City services, to benefit working families like yours and mine.

Sustainability and Fighting Climate Change

As Ward One Councilman, I will provide community-based solutions to improve the environment, health, and safety of our neighborhoods, including ensuring clean air and water for everyone.

Promote Local and Small Businesses

As always, I will continue to support and grow entrepreneurs and small business owners who drive our local economy.

Living Wages and Working Families

As an AFSCME-endorsed candidate and strong union supporter, I will continue to defend working families and employee rights for everyone. And I will bring high-paying jobs with living wages.

Affordable Housing

I will create more affordable housing, because no one should be taxed out of their home, and rents should be affordable for all residents.


I'm a product of public education, and I will work closely with TUSD and SUSD to ensure the best possible education for Ward 1 families.

Women's Rights and Gender Equality

As Councilman, I will defend women's and LGBTQ rights, because Tucson should be a place with gender equality for all.

Supporting Our Veterans

I will advocate for our veterans and I will ensure that they get the services and support that they deserve.

Tribal Relations

As City Councilman, I will work to maintain strong government-to-government relationships with our neighboring Tribes.