Working Families

I am a proud union supporter. My campaign has been endorsed by: the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 7000; SMART-Transportation Division; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 570; and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 104. I have pledged to listen to the everyday concerns of working people and the unions that represent them. I will ensure that city construction projects are built by union labor, that Tucson’s $15/hour minimum wage is vigorously enforced, that city workers are consulted when making major decisions that affect their department, and that retired city workers can count on a fully-funded pension.

Constituent Services

I vow to listen to all members of the community regardless of what "demographic" they may represent, and I will put their needs above any personal ideology. I will respond to all constituent inquiries within two business days.

Police Response Times

My opponent’s voting record and public statements reveal a hostile relationship with local law enforcement. I do not believe in defunding the police. When a Tucsonan calls 911, they shouldn’t have to wonder how long it will take for police to respond. I will work to ensure that police have the resources they need to respond quickly. 

Police Accountability

The murder of George Floyd reminded us of the racial inequalities that continue to exist in policing. Racial profiling is real, and police brutality still occurs in America. Our officers should feel supported. They should also know that they will be monitored by independent entities, and that officers will be disciplined if they violate civil rights.

South 12th Ave

The disastrous changes to South 12th Ave would never have happened if I had been your Ward 1 representative. The City took away two lanes of traffic and replaced them with huge cement balls and exposed rebar, creating hazards for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. The City plans to do the same in other areas of town. I will ensure that local residents and businesses get a say in these plans and that we keep the streets safe for everyone.

La Cholla & 36th St

My opponent led the charge in the controversial rezoning of La Cholla & 36th, violating a longstanding promise to maintain the parcel as open space and disregarding the opposition from neighbors. The decision paved the way for developers to destroy pristine desert. My opponent then accepted large campaign donations from the developer team that lobbied for the zoning change. I will keep my promises, listen to the people, and protect our beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Prop 412

In May, the City of Tucson held a special election for Prop 412, which would have increased electricity bills. Alongside the majority of voters, I opposed this proposal (see my op-ed here). My opponent sided with TEP instead. I will side with the people and negotiate a fair franchise agreement that truly fights climate change. My opponent also accepted large campaign donations from TEP leadership. I have pledged not to take money from large corporations such as TEP.

Respecting the Barrios

My opponent tried to move Precinct 37 (El Rio) out of Ward 1 in advance of this election against the will of the people. I led the protests against this cynical plan, and we were able to keep the Barrio united. I will respect the Barrios and not attempt to dilute their political power or split them apart against their wishes.

Neighborhood Streets

As your advocate in City Hall, I will fight to ensure that a fair proportion of funds be allocated to maintaining and fixing streets in our sections of the City. 


My family is from el Rio Sonora, a region devastated ten years ago by one of Mexico’s largest industrial waste spills. This reinforced my passion for protecting the environment and holding corporate polluters accountable. As a former Board member of the Tucson Mountains Association, I have a deep respect for our unique Sonoran Desert ecosystem. I believe that preserving open space is critical for preserving our character as a desert city, while also helping to combat climate change.

Climate Resiliency

I will work to update the City’s building codes to require passive shading and efficient windows, which will keep new buildings cool and reduce energy consumption. I will also ensure that the City hires sufficient staff to enforce these regulations. I will push for a rebate program for homeowners to replace inefficient windows. Additionally, some Tucson landlords prevent tenants from installing window shades; I will work to ensure that renters are allowed to protect themselves from dangerous heatwaves and runaway cooling costs.


I will work to protect our dwindling water supply and clean up the toxic "forever" chemicals such as PFAS from our groundwater. I will foster conservation by enforcing Tucson's existing rainwater harvesting ordinance that developers have been ignoring for years.

Future Power Outages

My opponent approved TEP's reckless plan to build an electric substation in a flood zone in Ward 1, risking widespread power outages across Tucson’s west and south sides. Despite numerous warnings from environmental experts, my opponent green lit the proposal and then accepted a large campaign donation from a top TEP executive. I will listen to the experts.

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